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Who is Peter?

I am an author from Chicago. Primarily, I write action fantasy and science ficiton. 

My debut novel, Feyworld: Shards of the Solarie is available on Amazon now.

Also check out my FREE short stories below.


Feyworld Novel Series:
Shards of the Solarie

Haunted by the death of his lover, twenty three year old hockey player Asher Michelsen finds himself one of many humans stranded in the magical dimension of Feyworld. 
To survive, he'll have to face down hulking monsters, vicious plant life and murderous tyrants.

Trapped in Feyworld for two years, Émilia LaFlamme has her own demons. When the village that sheltered her is massacred by a mysterious group of doomsayers, she'll have to look for help in unexpected places...

As Asher's dark past rapidly catches up with him, devious Fey scheme to manipulate them both as pawns in a secret war... a conflict that threatens to wipe humanity out.

Genre: Action/Dark Fantasy/New Adult

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Feyworld Excerpt:
Shadow Town

Tasked with finding a group of mysterious magical shards, Émilia and Colin must make a dangerous trip to Shadow Town and recover them. But there is more to this village and its inhabitants than they will see at first.

This is a three-part chapter from Feyworld: Shards of the Solarie. The PDF includes all three parts.

Length: 7,500 words/ approx. 18 pages.

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Original Short Story:
Death Whistle

On an otherwise normal vacation, a man buys an authentic Aztec Death Whistle-- a disturbing souvenir that can make the shockingly realistic sound of a scream. He soon finds that there might be more to the curio than it seems...

Length: 2,200 words/ approx. 6 pages.

Genre: Paranormal Horror

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Warhammer 40,000 Fan Fiction:
The Emperor Protects

Given suspicious orders to serve as a bodyguard detail for an imperial planetary governor, Lieutenant Wickes and the veteran guardsmen of third platoon find themselves trapped aboard an escort vessel with an enemy they never expected to face.

As the Assassinorum operative rips through the men under his command with frightening ease, Wickes will be forced to take drastic measures to survive...

Length: 6,000 words/ approx. 15 pages.

Genre: Action/Survival Horror

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Tropical Leaves

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